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An Excellent Product…

Liminary Magazine is a regular collective written by seminary students and for seminary students. It focuses on student work, celebrating their current visions and voices, while preparing them to participate in the wider social conversations upon graduation.

…From a Deliberate Process

Research shows that the most effective way to teach people how to write is with a participatory process. Peter Elbow writes in Writing Without Teachers,

I’m most useful to a class if I submit pieces of writing that I’m still unsure …and if I reveal my own reactions to other pieces of writing in such a way that students can feel these reactions are very much mine, personal, and idiosyncratic—not attempts to attain some general or correct perception of the words.

Yet, this kind of vulnerable, hands-on feedback—feedback that creates good writing and improves writers—is rare both in academic and professional settings. Rare is the school or publication that has the time or resources to develop writers. There are just too many deadlines. It is in this space that Liminary attempts to serve students now and prepare them for the future.