[all unpublished so far, but I’m working on it]

Searching for E

The story of a man you think he has the perfect life for writing. But when one small thing throws off the balance he begins a quest to find the one thing he thinks will make him whole.

The Bear & the Boy

A YA novel that tells the story of Maurice, a boy whose family is falling apart, but who suddenly has more important things to deal with when a new student appears mid-year and happens to be a large, brown bear.

Still Life

A talented painter is beginning to achieve critical and popular success at the same time he is going deaf. He must decide whether to have the surgery to regain his hearing or if his condition is what makes him interesting as an artist.

Caissia’s Pawn

A fantasy novel that combines dangerous underground chess tournaments, knife-play, a bit of magic, and family betrayal.

James Hawthorne is Missing

When a lonely young girl realizes that a boy who has been missing for several days is living underneath the school stage she has to decide whether to turn him in or to keep his as a friend all her own.



[Image courtesy of jeffrey james pacres]